Today saw the install of another mural for Brookswood Village. A few years back, four stunning murals were commissioned by the Brookswood Village Merchants in partnership with RBC, local artists and Township of Langley, which remain a proud talking point for Brookswood. Unfortunately, due to weathering, one of the original murals was damaged beyond repair and was in desperate need of replacement.

The mural installed today is a reimagined version of the original. Using modern vector-based design and innovative printing techniques from Choquer Creative, the new mural will not only last longer but will be easier and more cost effective to replace in the future. This replacement mural project was made possible by a very generous donation from Mary and Hollis, former owners of Brennan’s clothing store here in Brookswood which closed last summer (pictured with Lisa Bould, one of the BVMA Directors).

The new mural is displayed on the RBC building on 40th Avenue.

Our team at RBC Brookswood is excited and honoured to showcase Choquer Creative’s mural at our branch. As RBC is a longstanding supporter of the visual arts, we deeply value the role of artists who create and inspire cross-generational conversations within their communities. Thank you to the Brookswood Village Community for this opportunity to celebrate the arts and artists who make Brookswood a great place to live, work and play.”

– RBC Regional Vice President, Jacky Gill

RBC Team Pictured: Nicky Kang (Community Manager), Colin Shirely (Manager of Implementation and Incentive), Ravi Duhra (Brookswood Branch Manager) and Victoria Mossman (Brookswood Assistant Branch Manager)

What do you think of the new mural? Pop down, take a look and let us know!


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